Sunrise at Pakahakaha Bay

Sunrise at Pakahakaha Bay

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Sunrise at Pakahakaha Bay – this is one of our favourite bays on the Coromandel Peninsula. Accessible only by foot or by boat, sunrise photos require a 20 minute scamper along a rough, up-and-down track in the half light, before one finally emerges out of the pohutukawa forest onto the open beach.

These early morning shoots are always unpredictable – sometimes the sea is flat, or the absence of cloud makes for a disappointing lack of colour. The use of long exposures adds to the uncertainty – you never know just how each wave will break, or how its motion will be captured by the exposure. It’s generally a case of shooting many and culling rigorously.

Sony A7R, Voigtlander Superwide Heliar 15mm F/4.5, Benro graduated neutral density filter, Benro 4-stop neutral density filter;


445 by 284 mm – $175 unframed; $525 framed;
785 by 500 mm – $305;