Dusk over Ngauruhoe…

Dusk over Ngauruhoe

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Dusk over Ngauruhoe – this is one of a set of three images taken during a trip to a vantage point on the northern slopes of Ruapehu, which offered commanding views northwards to Ngauruhoe and Tongariro. I had first noticed this spot two years ago while exploring around the upper Tama Lake, and in late 2015 we finally had an opportunity to go there. We camped on a ledge approximately 60 m above the basin shown in this image, with a waterfall cascading down the cliffs about 30 m from our tent – not a good place for sleepwalkers!

I took this image at dusk as the sun set over Taranaki to our west, intermittently fading as it passed behind bands of high cloud, but returning just before sunset to allow this shot.

Sony A7RII, Canon FDn 50mm F/1.4, Benro graduated neutral density filter, two images combined in Lightroom.


785 by 300 mm – $255 unframed;
1328 by 508 mm – $435 unframed; $985 framed.