Dawn over Ngauruhoe

Dawn over Ngauruhoe

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Dawn over Ngauruhoe – this third image of Ngauruhoe was taken from a campsite on a ledge on the northern slopes of Ruapehu. I had set my alarm for 5.30 am in expectation of good conditions for photographing the sunrise, but had forgotten that a crescent moon would rise at 3 am that morning. As soon as I peeped out the tent door, I grabbed my camera, threw it on the tripod, and took this image as the first light of day coloured the eastern horizon.

Saddle Cone can just be made out to the far right, with the Kaimanawa Mountains forming the skyline behind it.

Sony A7RII, Voigtlander Ultron 21mm F/1.8.


484 by 300 mm – $185 unframed;
806 by 500 mm – $310 unframed; $620 framed.