Crucible Lake


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Crucible Lake is a small but spectacular alpine lake perched high on the eastern slopes of Mount Alba in Aspiring National Park. It lies behind a wall of glacial debris, presumably pushed out by ice descending the solid rock face that towers above it. During winter it is covered in ice, and large blocks of ice often float on its surface even in late summer, when this photo was taken.

I was keen to get a different angle on this lake, and climbed as high as I could above its southern side. Here I found these snow marguerites growing on fine gravels, accumulated at the foot of the sheer rock wall that descends over 500 m from the east ridge of Mt Alba. On the way I encountered at least two pairs of endangered rock wrens, hopping among the house-sized boulders that fringe the lake on its eastern side.

Olympus OM-D EM-5, Zuiko 9-18 mm zoom, 9 mm.


420 by 304 mm – $170 unframed; $520 framed.