Cobb River Flats


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Cobb River flats – I took this photograph early on the first full day of a summer trip up the Cobb Valley. We had driven up from Nelson the evening before, walking up the valley for about an hour from Trilobite Hut before finding an idyllic tent site next to the river. After dinner, we lay in our sleeping bags on a perfectly still night, listening to the moreporks calling from the surrounding beech forest. The next day dawned perfectly fine, with a heavy dew on the surrounding grasses and shrubby Olearias, the latter with sweetly fragrant flowers.

I took two images here, using a manual exposure to ensure that they could be easily joined to form this single photograph. Tiny pricks of light in the upper part of the image are small insects, back-lit by the morning sun against the deeply shadowed beech forest that forms the background.

Olympus OM-D EM-5, Olympus 45mm F/1.8, two images combined with MS-ICE.


448 by 200 mm – $150 unframed;
675 by 300 mm – $230 unframed; $570 framed;
900 by 400 mm – $310 unframed.