Ngauruhoe from Saddle Cone


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Ngauruhoe from Saddle Cone – this image was taken in the large basin that lies between the Tama Lakes and the foot of Ruapehu. It contains an extensive area of lava and scoria erupted from Saddle Cone, an eruption crater just to the east of where I took this photo.

This is a harsh place for plants to grow, with only a few species able to survive the combination of harsh frost, bright sunshine, and the droughty and unstable substrate. It was not possible to tell what had killed the Dracophyllums whose bleached remains lie scattered across this part of the basin floor – perhaps it was a long-forgotten fire, or perhaps a deluge of heavy rain that inundated them with loose scoria. Either way, it’s mostly only small bristle tussocks (Rytidosperma) that survive there now.

Sony A7RII, Voigtlander Ultron 21mm F/1.8, Benro graduated neutral density filter, Polarising filter.


300 by 387 mm – $165 unframed;
508 by 655 mm – $275 unframed; $620 framed.