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Twice in the last six months I’ve had occasion to revisit Christchurch, a city that was badly torn apart by the major earthquakes that started in September 2010.  Because of work commitments, I initially visited a great deal in the two years immediately following the major earthquakes. And sadly the smoothing out of buckled streets, the clearing away of endless mounds of rubble, and the repair and/or reconstruction of damaged buildings seemed to be taking an inordinate amount of time. But on these last two visits, it seems that the rebuilding of the city is at last turning a corner – lots still to do, but much has been accomplished, and some of that redoubtable old Canterbury style is once again clearly in evidence.

Yes, Christchurch’s skyline is changed forever, and the cathedral spire will probably never again provide a point of reference for disoriented visitors. In fact, navigation is a challenge even for the locals in the strange and evolving landscape of the former ‘central city’ – most of the old landmarks are gone. But slowly and steadily new features are beginning to define the landscape, and that’s so satisfying to see. In this small set of images, shot over just a couple of hours, I’ve tried to capture some of that recovery.

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