“Here is some trial text to see how to create something…”

This was my first ever blog entry, made three weeks ago and updated now (August 7th, ’13), to reflect my increasing comfort with this as a medium, and to reflect the encouragement that came from my first anonymous but positive feedback from an another web-dweller.

So why a blog?

Two reasons:

First, science has dominated my life for the last forty years – some of those that I have lived with over those years would say that it has dominated too much at times! Science is a career that demands a great deal, often leaving little energy for other important dimensions of life, including social interaction and one’s own internal creativity. And as I approach 60 and the end of my working life, it feels like a good time to start exploring new and different ways of finding creative expression, fulfillment and appreciation of life – things that aren’t necessarily going to come through the accomplishment of yet another academic milestone!

Second, I enjoy both photography and New Zealand’s astounding natural world. As the world’s last large land-mass to be settled by humanity, we are privileged to have levels of naturalness across a third or more of our country that few other countries can lay claim to. Yes, other parts of it are greatly modified (or sadly degraded!), and even our wildest places have been subtly but profoundly altered since we humans arrived here – but there is still much to see, appreciate, and interpret for others for whom this world is not easily accessible. And given that background, I figure that a blog that combines both writing and photography is a great vehicle for expression.

Not much more needs to be said than that – welcome to my blog-world!